OI DIT Programme

We created a cross-border training system for soft skills and professional development serving in 13+ countries.

The Limitations of Traditional Learning Methods

Traditionally, learning occurs in the classroom, either online or offline. In the traditional method of teaching the teacher directs the students to learn through memorisation and recitation techniques. Therefore, students may do not develop critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

OI's Innovative Approach to Learning

Otermans Institute challenges traditional learning approach and instead is in favour of using student-centred and interactive approaches using digital tools.

We provide a safe and interactive learning environment, with trainers from across the world, to support disadvantaged and underserved learners across continents fluidly.

Soft Skills Impact-led training

We often work closely with governments including in the UK, NGOs and UN bodies. From 2020, through our soft-skills training we have impacted more than 35.000 students from the UK, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malawi, and South Africa

Our learners' satisfaction rate is an impressive 93%. We are also proud to have a global presence, with our reach spanning across 13 different countries

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